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Bridgit Home Support

Upstream have developed a new solution called Bridgit.  From new hardware, firmware, software and cloud services we have developed a solution for the uks army of family carers and the people that the support.


The Bridgit Home hub provides a low-tech interface, powered by high tech intelligence, in the format of a single battery powered unit that attaches to the fridge.  Bridgit requires no internet connection within the home, instead she sends her information securely via an embedded GSM chip.


Bridgit's aim is to empower and support the 2 million people in UK and 250 million people globally that require additional support to stay well and where they want to be.

Alongside Bridgit we provide a mobile app for the user's families and care teams to allow them to provide remote support, and dashboards to provide broader insights on the user's wellness, or to look at patient populations.

You can download the app for your Bridgit here : 


Key Features

2 way communication

Connecting users to family members and care teams through the simple to use interface. 

Artificial intelligence powered

Using Microsoft AI solutions to provide insights and suggested actions to families and care teams.

Multi sensor device

Collecting nearly 40 key pieces of information from the user and their environment to develop a normal profile for the patient over time.

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