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Intelligent Interventions

A real-time radar, allowing targeted interventions in response to patient events when they occur.  Along with risk stratification of groups to support cohort identification and delivery of preventative care packages

Our Intelligent interventions solution includes Microsoft Power BI at its heart.  We choose to integrate Power BI as it remains the lead analytics solution in the market.

Cohort Identification

Risk stratify your population and identify cohorts for targeted care

Intervention radar

A real-time radar of your patients with a configurable rules engine to identify, track and complete required interventions

Workflow integration

Integrates directly to the workflow solutions allowing auto-generation of tasks and links into workflows

Key Features


Options to configure your own algorithms, rules engine, interventions,  dashboards and reports and ability to share within and outside organisation

Power BI Embedded

Realtime data flows into Power BI, with transformation on demand, and all Power BI features available

Flexible & scalable

Available as a service on our cloud servers and scaled on demand

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