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Introducing Bridgit, Our New Home Support Solution

Bridgit is our brand new home monitoring solution that empowers the elderly to live in their own homes for longer.

A simple, portable unit that attaches to the fridge, Bridgit assists patients to live as independently as possible, monitoring movement, providing healthcare advice and reminders and connecting them with family, carers and clinicians.

We developed Bridgit after recognising a considerable gap in digital healthcare innovation and kept our family members engaged in the development process. We built Bridgit to help our families, but we know she can help the world.

While the popularity of the internet and smart devices has risen significantly over the past few years, there's still a large proportion of the population who do not have the internet connectivity or skills to access digital healthcare services.

Bridgit does not require any wires, internet or phone connection; she's a single battery-powered unit that's straightforward to install in the home and discreetly carry while out and about.

We developed Bridgit with Microsoft support and use their Azure services to provide a robust platform and intelligence.

Bridgit monitors and tracks movement and activity.