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Data Scientist (Role now filled)

Dev Team

£30k - £35k

We are looking for an ambitious and passionate data scientist with the drive to use their data analytical skills to contribute to a force for good and social change. The ideal applicant holds a relevant degree, with an interest in combining outstanding data science skills with experience in using PowerBI to generate productive and applicable insights for a business to take action on.

As we are a relatively small but fast-growing startup, we are on the lookout for people who are self-motivated and driven to generate impressive results. Preferably, this individual is interested in the health industry and improving the lives of vulnerable people.


Bachelors/ Masters degree in Computer Science/Engineering
A high-level of competency in data mining and data modelling
Python Programming experience
Highly proficient in Microsoft Office- particularly Excel
Excellent problem solving and communication skills
Excellent knowledge of business intelligence and generating actionable insights through analysis of data
Experienced in the use of PowerBI
Highly analytical and a skilled data analyst through the lens of business intelligence
Experience in data warehousing
Confident with working with developers to design and develop solutions
Able to write complex SQL queries and optimise existing SQL queries, as well as compiling complex SQL reports and statistics
Performing data transformation and migrating data
Experience of database indexing
Confident with effectively optimising existing databases
Observant regarding data anomalies
Experience with Artificial Intelligence would be beneficial

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