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Full-Stack Developer (Role now filled)

Dev Team

£35k - £40k

We are looking for a highly experienced Full-Stack Developer, with a proven track record of working efficiently and effectively on full-stack digital solutions. We have been working hard with our key partner Sauce, and as a result, we have developed an end to end IoT solution which brings together an IoT integration engine, Azure IoT and AI services, a React native mobile and desktop client, and integrated Power BI for analytics. This provides a true end to end full-stack solution.

We're looking for someone with a strong development background in React and API development to work closely with Sauce on our roadmap, with a view to delivering regular software updates to support our family carers.


Enthusiastic about making a difference in the health industry and supporting vulnerable people
Extensive experience in React and API development
Excellent communication and reporting skills
Must have previously held a senior position similar to this role
High level of experience with code, specifically code quality and security
Experienced in the use of project management tools
Organised and methodical approach
Experience with Artificial Intelligence and PowerBI would be beneficial
Experience of communicating effectively with internal and external stakeholders

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