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Project Manager (Role now filled)

Project Team

£25k - £30k

As a quickly growing start-up, we need all hands on deck. We are looking for an exceptional Project Lead to join the team and assist in the coordination of all of our projects. This includes our workstreams, team members, and project reviews. The ideal candidate would be a motivated self-starter who is quick to learn. This individual would have an advanced understanding of the development lifecycle, in order to assist in planning, monitoring and leading our projects. They will liaise closely with clients to coordinate software changes and upgrades and will provide progress reports into the leadership team.

The key is your ability to work in a fast-paced environment enthusiastically and efficiently- and we will support you every step of the way. We are flexible and want to support you to become the best you can be within the industry you are passionate about.


Bachelors degree in a relevant field (business studies, management etc.)
Self-motivated and ambitious
An excellent understanding of the product development lifecycle
Excellent communication skills, with preferred experience of communicating with internal and external stakeholders
A good standard of written communication
Outstanding organisational skills
Experience of working effectively in a team environment
An interest (or experience) in the health industry is desirable

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