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Upstream Workflow

A complete set of mobile-first applications to join workflows and professionals across the health, social care and voluntary sectors. 


Combining a single patient record, with collaboration tools, key clinical functions and team and system integration, all centred around our patients and their families.

Our workflow solutions are powered by Bionworks a leading healthcare systems provider.


For health & social professionals

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For patients, carers and families

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For management and systems integrators

Upstream Workflow: Project

Upstream Collaborate

A mobile first electronic medical record (EMR), a multi-disciplinary task manager and a secure team messaging app rolled into one, Upstream Collaborate is one of the most comprehensive productivity tools available for care providers in the industry today

Seamlessly integrated with your existing systems to bring dexterity and efficiency to your enterprise while helping you stay compliant with quality standards and regulations

Team & patient level collaboration

Patient-centric team messaging & video with dynamically allocated teams

Mobile medical record (EMR)

Health & social record access anytime, anywhere

Integrated workflows

Configurable clinical workflows with Service Level Agreement (SLA) based notifications and escalations

Intelligent forms

Configurable clinical smart forms with scoring and outcome-driven workflows

Order entry

Access-controlled, workflow-enabled, physician order entry on the go (orders, prescriptions, results, image sets)


Cross department, community and social referral support

Service directory

Directory of NHS and social services to support patient signposting

Patient Flow

Custom processes to support improved flow (e.g. discharge management)

Upstream Workflow: Feature

Upstream Engage

Our solution for our patients, their carers and families.  Tightly integrated into the workflow, this enables patients to track their goals, record key observations and directly communicate with the professionals involved in their care


Including support for device integration (IoT) easily enabling data to be captured and shared

Population wide access

Core solution available to be deployed to all patients across a region

Self management

Manage your goals, view your record, and access targeted support documentation & guidance

Self refer & book

Review local services and either self refer or book appointments

Telemedicine support

Access your circle of care and contact for addition support via message, call or video

Upstream Workflow: Feature

Upstream Enterprise

Overcome limitations of your legacy systems, build your own clinical workflows, monitor and improve, using our tools and infrastructure


Patient data harmonisation across disparate systems, workflow-based intra and inter enterprise collaboration.  Full support for HL7,  FHIR and IoT device integration.


Extensive configurability of users, teams, forms, workflows, SLAs, access control and escalation policies


Operational reporting, workflow audit and metrics, actionable analytics


Manage team tasks and workflow through the Upstream Coordination Hub

Upstream Workflow: Feature

Key Features


SSL encrypted communication, audited patient-provider relationship based access, two-factor authentication with device level authorisation


Real-time user interfaces, context aware architecture, targeted push notifications to aid proactive user engagement

Flexible & scalable

Available as a service on our cloud servers or can be deployed on an on-premise model or on your private cloud and scaled on demand

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