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Upstream Health Gains G-Cloud 10 Accreditation For NHS Services

We're extremely pleased to announce that Upstream Health has now gained accreditation to offer a range of cloud-range services to the NHS under the government's latest G-Cloud 10 framework.

Set up six years ago, the initiative provides the central government, local councils, NHS trusts and other public sector organisations with a simple, secure and straightforward way of purchasing cloud-based services from a vetted list of private sector suppliers and businesses. 

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"We're absolutely thrilled to achieve accreditation," Darren Crombie, our CEO and Founder, enthuses.

"For us, G-Cloud 10 means that we can now provide much-needed value to the country's healthcare workers and their patients."

Since 2012, over £3 billion has been invested by the government into cloud and digital services, with almost 50% of that spend feeding directly into small and medium-sized companies. 

G-Cloud services are divided into three categories: cloud hosting, cloud software and cloud support. 

Upstream Health now proudly appears on the Digital Marketplace, offering cloud-based secondary care and population health applications. 

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Our mobile-first population health suite fuses risk stratification with collaboration capabilities, key clinical functions and record integration. 

"Upstream Health strives to make a difference to patients and their families and population health is at the heart of what we do," Darren points out.

"The suite of applications brings a number of benefits to both patients and clinicians, allowing quick referrals across different organisations, instant messaging and video conferencing between teams and effective patient signposting."

Meanwhile, the secondary care tool provides professionals with all of the clinical functions they need; stored in one place and at their fingertips. It's a paperless system that supports patient self-management after they are discharged. 

"We've created improved workflows for clinicians in order to reduce the length of time a patient has to remain in hospital, as well as to provide targeted, real-time interventions."

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It certainly is an exciting time for our country's health care system in terms of its ongoing digital transformation.