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Bridgit is Supporting the Older People’s Partnership Celebration Week

Team Bridgit is thrilled to announce that we will be supporting the Virtual Older People’s Partnership Celebration Week.

Taking place between the 28th of September and the 2nd of October, this celebration coincides with both the UK Older People’s Day and the International Day of Older Persons on the 1st of October. The theme of this year is the beginning of the ‘Decade of Healthy Ageing’, which is particularly poignant because over the next three decades the number of older people is predicted to more than double.

We need to take steps now to minimise the impact of this change, as well as the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on our ageing population. This begins with celebrating the contributions of older people in our communities, supporting the mental health of our older generation while also safeguarding their physical health.

Normally, this event would take place in a physical location where we can all meet, chat, share experiences and showcase how everyone in Hull and the East Riding is supporting the elderly communities. However, with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the event has been moved online where people can attend virtually whilst remaining safe and well in the comfort of their own home.

The week-long event will celebrate the achievements and contributions of older people within our communities and society as a whole. Activities and events include:

  • At least four virtual interactive events per day with varying themes, such as educational webinars, nostalgic throwbacks, and activity tasters.

  • Live and pre-recorded entertainment taking place on the Older People’s Partnership’s Facebook and Twitter.

  • A talent showcase for over-55s- all are welcome no matter what your talent or skill may be!

  • A virtual marketplace that aims to provide solutions for older people to ensure that they are living full and healthy lives.

The aims of this event align with our own as an organisation, which is why we are so excited to be involved.

These events are an important measure to help combat the epidemic of loneliness that faces our ageing population more so now than ever.

Covid-19 has made organising these events far more difficult, which is why we were compelled to not only show our support but also offer additional support to the community.

We saw all of the amazing work that the Older People’s Partnership has been doing and felt our own urge to join the effort. So we are giving away 100 Bridgit Home Hubs to the elderly communities and their carers, totally FREE of charge (Bridgit is normally priced at £155.54)!

With the support of Microsoft, NHS England and other key partners, Bridgit has been developed to help carers and loved ones live well in the place they want to be. Bridgit is not just a technology solution, but a supportive resource and platform centred around carers and their ageing loved one.

Bridgit provides assistance with issues including mental and physical health, loneliness when ageing and living alone, and the subsequent impact Covid-19 has had on both family carers and their loved ones.

Bridgit makes helpful suggestions and allows family carers to directly contact their loved one, checking mood, health and surroundings. Communication barriers are broken down, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most with your loved one.

This giveaway will be on a first come first serve basis so get in touch and express your interest with us by visiting the website.

Make sure to keep an eye on our socials for our new website launch, and check out the Older People’s Partnership’s Eventbrite for more information about their Celebration Week and how to sign up.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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