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Upstream Health Launch Bridgit Website To Support Carers

Family carers are the backbone of our NHS in the UK.

To be a carer is one of the most selfless and generous things that you can do for someone you love. It can also be one of the most demanding and draining things for your mental, emotional, and physical health. It can feel isolating, overwhelming, and confusing.

We want to care for carers and their loved ones to help them feel less isolated, overwhelmed, and confused- while promoting healthy ageing and preventative care.

Imagine you’ve fallen into a rushing river with an extremely strong current. You can’t breathe and you are being pulled in all directions. You’re drowning. But then, a hand pulls you out and all of a sudden you’re safe again.

We can all agree that this would be a huge relief, but what if you didn’t have to fall in the first place?

What if there was a solution upstream where you could save yourself from the struggle against the current?

Carers can become overwhelmed and ‘swept away’ with their responsibilities, and their loved ones can get ‘dragged down’ by their worsening health.

We want to catch people before they fall in. We want to prevent carers from being swept away in the first place and identify and resolve their loved ones’ health issues before they are dragged down.

We have developed an upstream solution for those struggling to stay afloat while juggling caring for their loved ones and managing their own lives.

This solution will also support our NHS in its time of greatest need by enabling preventative healthcare for vulnerable people, with an estimated five-year saving of £1.75 billion.

So what is our solution?

Our solution put simply is reassurance and constructive advice. We are here so no carer ever has to feel alone. Our new Bridgit website will be launching in the next few weeks and will be a complete solution to the loneliness, confusion, and anxiety faced by carers and their loved ones.

We have constructed detailed and up-to-date knowledge bases, where any care-related issue you have can be addressed swiftly and easily through answering a few simple questions on our website.

You can also make use of our Bridgit chatbot, who will provide you with informed and personalised guidance based upon your inputs.

We also have a video call feature, where you can be placed face-to-face with a trained care coach who will support your needs and answer your questions.

We can also point you in the direction of great solutions to enhance the care that you give, give you increased peace of mind, and give your loved one the gift of increased independence and better health.

Our Bridgit site provides a safe space for carers to access uniquely tailored information and guidance about care-related issues referring to themselves or others. We have a wealth of information for carer support and many features to support you and the people who you love.

We are launching our brand new website in the next few weeks and we’re ready to start helping you solve your care-related issues. Keep an eye on our socials for more information about our website launch- coming soon.

We care for you, so you can care for them.

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