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Born In The Cloud: Upstream Selected as Microsoft for Startups Partner


Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a brand new $500 million program that delivers access to technology and helps startups to grow and expand their customer base.

Microsoft for Startups offers new businesses the opportunity to access the company’s latest technology and their network of accelerators, incubators and startup-enabling organisations.

The aim is for Microsoft to partner with founders and investors in order to accelerate their growth.

“Startups inspire us by pushing the envelope of the possible and building products that improve our personal and professional lives. Microsoft is excited to partner with startups to empower every person and organization on the planet.” - Microsoft for Startups.

We’re very proud to say that Upstream Health has been selected as a startup partner, which brings about a number of incredible benefits for our customers.

In addition to financial support, Upstream has access to leading Microsoft experts to help the team design, deploy and manage deployments of new solutions.  Working closely together, Upstream and Microsoft can tailor the Upstream solutions to deliver great value technology and new service approaches - all this will be underpinned by technology at the frontier of innovation.

All of our products have been cloud-based since their inception. We’re keen advocates of cloud technology, as it allows us to be agile and responsive - a crucial feature of a fast-growing new business.

In fact, 90% of Fortune 500 businesses trust and use Azure, so we know that we’re in the right hands.

The flexibility of the cloud has empowered us to scale-up our organisation quickly, without the need to invest in costly and cumbersome physical storage and servers.

Meanwhile, having everything stored in Azure, allows us to enjoy enterprise-level, robust security, which is critical for us as we look after sensitive clinical data on behalf of our customers.

The technologies we’re already using include virtual machines, platform as a service capabilities, IoT Hubs and analytics services integrated with Power Business Intelligence (BI).

We use the analytics elements of the Azure platform in our Intelligent Intervention Radar solutions and will shortly be adding a real-time machine learning capability to it.

Meanwhile, we use the Azure Internet of Things hub to integrate new home monitoring sensors, to support the timely patient interventions by clinicians provided by our mobile Collaborate application, and new app for carers.

In the future we’re looking to enhance our solution with increased Artificial Intelligence elements - our relationship with Microsoft will be key to this approach.

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