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Social Intervention Radar: Our Partnership with Hull City Council

We’re pleased to announce that Hull City Council has been successful in receiving a grant of £65,000 from NHS Digital to work with Upstream Health and implement their Intelligent Interventions solution to provide a Social Care Radar. This is part of NHS Digital’s broader programme to help improve the sharing of data between health and social care teams.


The partnership with Hull City Council is part of the local authority’s goal to work and innovate with local companies.

Our Social Intervention Radar is the first of its kind and aims to improve the sharing of data from social and healthcare teams, reducing demand on services such as GPs, District Nursing, A&E, Social Care and Out of Hours.

The pilot program, which will be rolled out across Hull, boasts a customisable live intervention list, as well as a map of the city. Users with permissions - such as healthcare and social care professionals - will be able to view the patients that are being actively managed within their organisation.

Meanwhile, whenever patient data is changed or updated, an alert will be triggered automatically by the system.

Some examples include a change of address, if a safeguarding issue is flagged, or if there has been a repeat social care visit.

These changes in circumstance will automatically prompt a response or care plan from the appropriate organisation.

This enables clinicians to take a proactive approach to their work, with tasks being based on changes happening with the patient in the social care system - helping our care professionals move from the current reactive model and towards proactive care delivery.

In the meantime, patients, carers and local communities can expect a more holistic health and social system, with healthcare professionals enjoying a better understanding of their current social support.

This style of preventative care is at the core of Upstream’s values and subsequently the Social Intervention Radar.

“This could be a game-changer in terms of how we share information within the healthcare community,” explains Councillor Gwen Lunn, portfolio holder for adult social care and public health.

“The Radar has the potential to radically streamline the sharing of information, making it easier for healthcare professionals to access data which will inevitably benefit patients and services.”

Currently, the Radar is being launched in collaboration with Springhead Medical Centre, part of the Modality Partnership. If successful, we’ll see the technology be made available to GPS and key health organisations across the region, including HEY Hospital Trust and Humber Mental Health.

“This ground-breaking system could then in the future be rolled out nationally, with Hull leading the way,” Lunn adds.


Our CEO Darren Crombie recently spoke about the Social Intervention Radar on BBC Radio Humberside. You can listen to the segment below.

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