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Upstream Engage Allows Patients To Check Covid-19 Symptoms and Remotely Manage Their Health Care

The Upstream Health team has been working hard to launch our brand new tool Upstream Engage.

Allowing patients to access formal NHS Covid-19 guidance, check their symptoms and - if needed - book a video consultation with their GP, the platform is specially designed to enable healthcare providers to deliver care plans remotely and safely.

Remote healthcare delivery has never been so important on such a global scale.

With Upstream Engage, patients can connect with a healthcare provider via a video consultation - they get to see a friendly face and hear a reassuring voice and all the while the health worker can be in a different location, or even self-isolating from the comfort of their homes.

Clinicians can empower their patients to self-manage their healthcare, providing personalised care plans for patients to action at home.

On top of this, the easy-to-use calendar and activity tracker helps remind patients of the importance of regular movement with handy push notifications.

Healthcare providers can check in on their patients by monitoring and tracking their activity, helping them to ensure timely interventions if and when needed. So patients can live well in their homes independently, while still being assured that they can access support when they really need it.

Via the app, patients can access their personal health records, see any upcoming appointments, discharge summaries, prescriptions and medical reports. Patients can also schedule their own appointments and reorder prescriptions.

We've also made sure each user can view a directory of local health services and carers, should they need further support.

The integration capability is what makes Upstream Engage shine.

Users who already have an Amazon Echo and another smart device can integrate Upstream Engage so that they can use their voice to interact with the app, check symptoms, book appointments and update their daily calendar.

Patients can also integrate the tool with their medical devices so that their clinicians can monitor their activity.

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