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Upstream Health CEO Discusses Healthcare Innovation in the UK on Edenic Round Table Videocast

Upstream Health CEO Darren Crombie recently featured on a video podcast discussing the rise of innovation in healthcare in reaction to COVID-19.

Edenic Round Table is an online panel discussion show hosted by Edenic Group that welcomes industry and thought-leaders to discuss, showcase and explore the topic of innovation.

In this episode, the panel discusses the impact on preventative health in society, as well as what the knock-on effect might be to industries that are built on traditional health solutions, such as pharma, GPs and care homes.

Darren is joined by Pete Waddingham, Programme Manager at Yorkshire & Humber AHSN, Dr Chris McKee, Innovation Manager at NHS Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust and host Wayne Willis from Edenic Group.

Darren Crombie, CEO Upstream Health

"We're so grateful to Darren and Upstream Health for participating in our latest discussion, Health Innovation State of the Nation," says Wayne, who is a Partner and Innovation Consultant at Edenic.

"Healthcare is an industry that is going through a great change and technology is really shaping its future."

During the session, the panel speak about how the UK healthcare system is embracing technology and innovation, and the opportunities and barriers the sector faces as it tries to push the boundaries and evolve our approach to healthcare.

Edenic Round Table launched in March, just before the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Since then, they have had to make changes to the way they record, with every episode filmed virtually using Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Wayne Willis, Edenic Round Table Host

Wayne Willis, Edenic Round Table Host

"Ultimately, as an innovation consultancy, Edenic Group wants to highlight the importance of businesses building a culture of innovation, so that they can be agile, future-proof and avoid disruption," Wayne continues.

"Our message is to follow our 3 Ds - Be Disruptive, Embrace Digital, Think Differently. And, the podcast series is themed around this message."

Over the last 14 episodes, the discussions have centred around a number of topics and industries - manufacturing, FMCG, e-bikes, superyachts, staff culture, climate change and working from home.

Naturally, COVID-19 has also crept into most episodes as it has disrupted most industries.

"The work that Darren and his team are doing in this sector, and Darren's knowledge of the industry, brought fantastic insight to the discussion," Wayne adds.

You can watch the full episode Health Innovation State of the Nation below.

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