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Upstream Health and Team Bridgit are confronting and solving the issues that the more vulnerable people in our society face on a daily basis. 


We have developed solutions, using AI technology, that enables our users to stay healthy and happy at home for longer, supporting their families at the same time. We are not a big corporate organisation, rather we are a rapidly growing social enterprise that is dedicated to supporting family carers, their loved ones, and healthcare organisations. 


In these uncertain times, our AI and IoT technologies provide a solution for the increased isolation experienced by people during this pandemic- mitigating the disastrous effect that isolation can have on our mental and physical health. 


We are a small and dynamic start-up, with outstanding supporters such as NHS England and Microsoft.  We have also been fortunate enough to be selected for Mircosofts first ‘#AIforgood’ cohort.  We are going places fast. 


We care. Despite the high-tech nature of what we do, at its core, our ethos is as simple as that. 


If you want to be part of an up-and-coming organisation and take advantage of the ample opportunities that would be made available to you professionally and personally- get in touch! We have a positive, friendly, and flexible workplace culture- and we’d love to hear from you. 


All our open roles are below 

Business Change Analyst (Role now filled)

Change Team

We have a busy year lined up! We need someone to help us keep things moving forward at a dynamic place. We are on the lookout for a Deployment Lead, someone who will be the face of our brand for key customers. This individual will lead the deployment activities and will, therefore, ensure that our customers get excellent value from our solutions.

We are planning to deploy our Bridgit solution to Social Care, Community Care and Home Care organisations over the next year. In each setting, we need strong client engagement, defined care pathways, training and business change. For this role, we need a self-starter with strong customer engagement skills, and a background in the health sector would be a massive plus.


Integration Lead (Role now filled)

Dev Team

We are really excited at the prospect of expanding the integration options for our platform. We are looking for an experienced Integration Lead, who will be a key player in growing our platform and increasing the partners which we work with, as well as helping to drive our AI strategy through increased access to patient-level data. We are looking for someone with experience of healthcare integration, such as HL7, FHIR, GP Connect, as well as the development of custom APIs.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and energetic individual, who is keen to help us achieve our goals of caring for carers and their loved ones through technological advancement with a human face.


Data Scientist (Role now filled)

Dev Team

We are looking for an ambitious and passionate data scientist with the drive to use their data analytical skills to contribute to a force for good and social change. The ideal applicant holds a relevant degree, with an interest in combining outstanding data science skills with experience in using PowerBI to generate productive and applicable insights for a business to take action on.

As we are a relatively small but fast-growing startup, we are on the lookout for people who are self-motivated and driven to generate impressive results. Preferably, this individual is interested in the health industry and improving the lives of vulnerable people.


Project Manager (Role now filled)

Project Team

As a quickly growing start-up, we need all hands on deck. We are looking for an exceptional Project Lead to join the team and assist in the coordination of all of our projects. This includes our workstreams, team members, and project reviews. The ideal candidate would be a motivated self-starter who is quick to learn. This individual would have an advanced understanding of the development lifecycle, in order to assist in planning, monitoring and leading our projects. They will liaise closely with clients to coordinate software changes and upgrades and will provide progress reports into the leadership team.

The key is your ability to work in a fast-paced environment enthusiastically and efficiently- and we will support you every step of the way. We are flexible and want to support you to become the best you can be within the industry you are passionate about.


Full-Stack Developer (Role now filled)

Dev Team

We are looking for a highly experienced Full-Stack Developer, with a proven track record of working efficiently and effectively on full-stack digital solutions. We have been working hard with our key partner Sauce, and as a result, we have developed an end to end IoT solution which brings together an IoT integration engine, Azure IoT and AI services, a React native mobile and desktop client, and integrated Power BI for analytics. This provides a true end to end full-stack solution.

We're looking for someone with a strong development background in React and API development to work closely with Sauce on our roadmap, with a view to delivering regular software updates to support our family carers.


Support Assistant (Role now filled)

Dev Team

We are a startup growing at an extremely fast pace, meaning we have multiple solutions which we need to support and maintain- and we are likely to accumulate more. We are looking for an organised and conscientious individual to take on as a support assistant on our helpdesk.

As our support assistant, you'll refine the existing environmental monitoring tools, implement the controls needed to help us scale our services, as well as manage our issue and change process. We're looking for an enthusiastic individual, who is keen to learn and explore an interest in healthcare technology. Experience of Azure environment management, networks, and help desk processes will be essential.

We are flexible and want to support you to become the best you can be within the industry you are passionate about.

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